PM Copenhagen Digital Platform

Plug and play digital software solutions developed with a strong passion for design, usability and business development. We have the cleanest code in town.

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Imagine that everything you’re looking for could be found in one place at your convenience. We take your copious amounts of data and information and transform it into a visually striking library catalogue that can be used in a multitude of ways for your business.

PM was created out of our passionate love for great design, functionality and clean code. It is our mission to make the complex simple and deliver the best solutions for the most affordable price.

Our company is divided into two agencies. A design and branding agency known as AM Copenhagen, and a software development agency STANDOUT WEB. We believe that by combining our technical knowledge with our skills in design and branding, we are able to offer exceptional over-arching services within the world of product development.

Our agencies collaborate perfectly with each other with great respect for each other’s skill set and approach to work. The products that perform the best are given the white label and then sold through PM by permission from our clients.

By doing this we allow for the creation of the best software focused on outstanding design that is accessible to everyone. Our prices are not only fair but almost 5 times cheaper than starting a new design from scratch.